Welcome to the Online Interdisciplinary Big Data Analytics in Science and Engineering REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Site program at UMBC. This Big Data REU program is funded by NSF in 2021 to conduct undergraduate research training in 2021-2023.

This REU Site program will provide 8-week summer online research experiences to undergraduates on how to utilize modern data science and high-performance computing (HPC) techniques to process and analyze big data in many science and engineering disciplines such as Atmospheric Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Medicine.

The REU Site program will be conducted purely online to allow students to conduct research without traveling and work with experts nationwide. In recent years, astronomical growth of available datasets in many science and engineering disciplines often requires big data analytics techniques to efficiently and effectively process the large datasets and gain knowledge from them. The program will help students identify frontier research challenges when facing big data in science and engineering, and guide students to conduct research to tackle the research challenges using advanced cyberinfrastructure software technologies (big data, distributed machine/deep learning, HPC, etc.) and hardware resources (including big data cluster, CPU cluster and GPU cluster). The program will provide development of the national workforce in areas of critical need on “Data + Computing + X”.

The application for Summer 2023 is open. To receive full consideration, please submit your application before 03/01/2023. More at Summer 2023 Tab. Flyer for summer 2023 program.. We plan to notify the results around 03/31/2023.

Each participant who successfully finishes the program and completes all requirements will receive $5,000 stipend and support to conference traveling to present his/her research.

The training will leverage experiences from two previous related efforts: 1) High-Performance Computing (HPC) REU Site at UMBC from 2010 to 2017, 2) Online training on big data + HPC + atmospheric sciences at UMBC from 2018 to 2020.



The program is funded by the grant REU Site: Online Interdisciplinary Big Data Analytics in Science and Engineering (grant no. OAC-2050943) from the National Science Foundation (NSF).