2024 Program and Application

To apply for summer 2024, we use the ETAP (Education & Training Application) system of the National Science Foundation (NSF), where you can apply to many REU Site and other opportunities. To submit your application, login or create an account and have ready for upload in PDF form: (i) CV/resume, (ii) transcript (unofficial suffices for us), and (iii) a short text of a personal statement (like a cover letter). The ETAP system will invite your writers of letters of recommendation directly after you enter their contact information.

We also need a program-specific personal statement in PDF form sent to our to our mailbox at bigdatareu@umbc.edu. This statement should be about two to three pages (about 1000 to 1500 words) in PDF form and discuss
(1) your background in computing, data science, mathematics and statistics (please be clear and specific about programming language/packages and say what you did with them); you may want to explain here also, if you have an unusual career path (such as via attending a community college or not starting college immediately after high school);
(2) your interest in big data applications in science and engineering;
(3) your previous research experiences (if any);
(4) your experience with or interest in team work; and
(5) any reasons why you are particularly interested in the online format of our program.
Please, attach this statement and also your CV/resume and transcript in PDF form to an e-mail to our mailbox at bigdatareu@umbc.edu in addition to the ETAP application!

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your application!

Important Dates
  • Application due date: Friday, March 15, 2024
  • Decision notification: no later than Monday, April 15, 2024
  • Program dates: Monday, June 10 – Friday, August 02, 2024

The application deadline is only for application submission via the form. For recommendation letters, we understand they are not fully controllable by applicants, so it is fine if recommendation letters are sent a few days later than the application deadline.

Please also check our Q&A webpage for application eligibility, requirements and additional information on the program. As required by the NSF REU program for all REU grants, only US citizen, nationals, and permanent residents are eligible to apply.

Success in previous years of our REU Site

In each year, both teams of 4 to 5 participants succeeded in publishing at least one technical report (in the HPCF technical reports series) and one refereed conference paper. At least one member of each team participated in and presented in the REU Symposium collocated at a major international conference. See the past years’ tabs for more information, photos, activities, research, and testimonials!