2021 Testimonials

Please check below for testimonials from our anonymous evaluations in our 2021 REU program

  • I learned more during this research experience than I have in any other period of my life.
  • I highly suggest looking into REUs for summer experience. I think it is a great way to better yourself in research and team work and develop professional growth. Before this REU I had never worked 40 hours a week on research like this and it has taught me a lot about the process of being a researcher and the difficulties that you may face and how to overcome them through important problem solving. I also think REUs are great because they can be a stepping stone to learn about more things beyond research through the different VIP and professional development meetings offered.
  • I would say that if you are interested in deep learning and to learn programming then this is a right place for you. You will learn many different concepts and as well as there will be two weeks training incase if you are not familiar with new concepts.
  • I would tell them that it is a great way to get research experience and meet people who want to work on something that interests you as well.
  • Just go for it. You never know what kind of other great opportunities this experience can lead to in the future.
  • In this REU, you’ll work alongside a team of motivated and engaged peers to develop and complete an innovative research project. The freedom you and your team will have to guide the project is unmatched by most undergraduate research experiences. You will also work alongside expert mentors who, because they prioritize this REU, provide frequent and timely guidance. Opportunities to present and publish your work are also readily available.
  • This is a program that will help you know whether research is for you or not. Also, you will learn a lot and have good networking opportunities.